3 Ways to Boost Your Musical Creativity

Musical creativity doesn’t come in brilliant flashes like you see in the movies or read about in a book. Instead, it comes down to hard word and dedication to making music every single day.

Try these tips each day and you’ll see your music creativity flourish. Don’t get discouraged if most of what you create is garbage. That’s part of the process! You’ll find that for every 100 songs you write, 2 will be gold. It’s that gold we want to find. And it only happens when you work on it every day.

Here are 3 tips to boost your creativity every day of the week:


Seek Other Inspiration

If you are in a rut, look for other forms of art to inspire you. This could be paintings, reading a book, even dancing. The important thing is to pick something you enjoy and don’t let your music frustrations interfere. Enjoy that piece of art for what it is. You’ll find that during or afterwards, new ideas will spring forward!

Record Your Music

This includes bits of music, lyrics, or melodies. Even if it’s something you just hum into your phone, get it down permanently, then edit exhaustively later on. You never know when inspiration will strike and you want to record for later. This is part of the process of working at your music every single day!


Get out of your house and exercise! Boost your endorphins and feel your body be rejuvenated with creativity! This will help your overall mood and energy level – plus it keeps your mind sharp! We prefer running because it’s simple and doesn’t require much extra equipment. All you need to run are a pair of running shoes and a good running watch.

Be Bored

Ok, not literally, but we mean that it’s ok to daydream and let your mind wander. Often in this age of phones, internet, Facebook, and other distractions, we’ve lost the ability to just be with ourselves. Sometimes it’s good to be free of distractions and let your thoughts go where they may. You might find yourself reaching new places creatively!